Yes it's not finished yet we know...

We have several ebooks out now, the latest is Micro Arts History 1984-85, about computer art in the 1980s. Fully illustrated with screen shots, and text story outputs.

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Micro Arts History ebook

For more details visit the Micro Arts website, with videos and extracts from the ebook, at Micro Arts Group website.

Story Software books out now - various How To Write books, a Green Eco Building book, Interior Design advice, etc. All books are getting a new version and will be relaunched soon. New books include ebook and POD reissues of several fiction and non-fiction titles by Geoff Davis previoulsy only in print.

Please visit - creativity writing app with text and images (was Story Turbo) - creativity writing app with text only - architect website - writer website - construction and DIY site with a lot of green and sustainable building advice - computer art with ebook and videos - UBI and electronic currencies - Recotist music label - Satsuma, piano lessons, and a London band - Geoff Davis writer website